We conducted in-depth user research, engaging with CTOs, Tech leads, senior developers, project managers, and stakeholders to understand their pain points and requirements thoroughly.
In the UX phase, our focus was on intuitive workflows and seamless interactions, ensuring that users could quickly configure deployment settings, manage integrations from the marketplace, and easily access to uptime monitoring.
In the UI phase, we crafted a cohesive design system, incorporating intuitively visual cues and affordances to guide users through the software. We made complex deployment configurations straightforward and accessible.

Scope of work

Branding design

Graphic design

Art direction

Customer interview

User interview

User personas & journey


Design system

UX/UI design

Figma prototype

Usability testing

A/B testing

Website development

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Timeless Elegance: Bespoke Tailoring Chronicles

Website Design & Development

Through a harmonious blend of classic aesthetics and modern usability, we crafted a user interface that reflected the sophistication and timeless charm of bespoke suits. Our design choices aimed at not only representing the brand's heritage but also creating an immersive online environment where visitors could appreciate the tradition and quality synonymous with bespoke tailoring.