Our design approach focused on marrying the intricate world of real-time strategy gaming with the innovative realm of blockchain technology and NFTs. Through extensive research and collaboration with developers, we conceptualized and designed a user interface that seamlessly integrated real-time gameplay with the unique features of non-fungible tokens.
We crafted immersive visual story that attracted players to eagerly register for beta release. Our goal was to deliver not just a game but an unique digital universe experience where strategy, technology, and creativity converged to redefine the gaming landscape.

Scope of work

Art direction

UX/UI design

Website development

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Streamlining Deployment for Efficiency

UI/UX Design


Branding & Graphic Design


Website Design & Development

We focus on optimizing the user experience of IDE, from Git to deployment processes as well as its marketplace. Through extensive research, iterative prototyping, and user testing, we refined the software interface to simplify deployment procedures significantly, ultimately enhancing their productivity and reducing time-to-market.